Why JPR Communications?
For some very good reasons. JPR knows the markets, the issues, the outlets, the users, and the influencers, thanks to years of expertise developing and implementing highly effective communications programs. We ensure your message is delivered to your precisely targeted audience.
We get it
We understand technology, from the smallest chip to the largest data center. You won't waste time educating us—we hit the ground running. As a result of this specialization, we believe we have the strongest relationships with the editors and analysts you need to reach.
Complementary strategies
Online and offline, traditional and social, mobile and IRL, B2B and B2C: PR and communications today crosses boundaries. Our approach spans platforms, channels, and constituencies to unify your business and marketing strategies.
Editors know to call JPR first
Trends are created by industry gurus, editors, analysts, and online commentators with the clout to influence buying decisions. JPR has tight relationships with these influencers, and they know we represent products and technologies that are ahead of the curve.
The Power of Synergy
JPR clients often find synergies that translate into direct benefits. Our clients have teamed up for strategic partnerships, bundled products, and joint sales calls. We are privileged to help broker relationships between our clients when appropriate.