Public Relations Counsel
If you're looking for an agency to be an echo chamber full of "yes men" (and women) who swallow your hype, then look somewhere else. Strategic consulting is our lifeblood: analyzing your messaging and positioning to differentiate your company and products, and cutting through the marketingese to identify what actually matters to editors, analysts, influencers, and users.
Company and Product Launches
Our company and product launches succeed because of a multi-phase approach that includes testing the launch message with a select audience of influencers, incorporating their feedback, and developing compelling, distinctive content to introduce you to the market in a way that generates maximum impact.
Creating Categories
A truly unique technology is in a class by itself—at least at first. We help establish new market segments and make our clients category leaders from day one.
Content as a Service
JPR creates a range of public relations and marketing content, including press releases, customer case studies, white papers, technology trend articles, listicles and tips, opinion pieces, blogs, infographics and more. CaaS, JPR's proprietary content program, ensures maximum impact across multiple platforms and consistency of messages.
Social Media Management
JPR can take the reins of your social media platforms to build your following, distribute your content, monitor competitors, and direct the conversation. Industry-standard tools and analytics measure the success of your program.
PR for publicly traded companies
JPR can coordinate with investor relations to ensure shareholders, and prospective shareholders, are well informed. Aligning PR and IR functions results in more effective messaging and public support.
Funding and Acquisitions
Grooming your company for a grand entrance or exit is involves raising your visibility, making the right contacts, and telling the right story. We've been so successful at what we do, JPR clients have been acquired for a total of more than $5 billion.
JPR Global
Global exposure can be an integral and productive piece of any PR program. JPR is ready and able to support a client's global communications needs through a worldwide network of affiliate agencies and our proprietary content distribution system to international news outlets.